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What is MoebiusVR?

A unique gameplay

MoebiusVR is the first multiplayer escape game in tangible virtual reality.
We are using real objects mapped in VR to bring the most immersive, realistic and accessible experience to the users.

Interactive and collaborative

Interact with both the environment and the players in a dedicated room of 12m2. The current version is available for 2 players, for approximately 30 minutes.

Creative and fun

With tangible VR, we bring to people from all backgrounds, technical or not, and all ages, the shortest learning curve you can possibly have with technology.
Come and live the action!

Our offer


Entertainment professionals

You own a VR arcade, an escape game or entertainment centre?
MoebiusVR is the perfect experience for your clients: available for all players above 12 years old, you can run a session every hour.

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Professional or private events

This offer is tailored for your team building sessions, professional and private events, exhibitions, ...
Sit back and relax, we take care of everything.

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Discover MoebiusVR

Come in our office to discover MoebiusVR.
We are at the Trèfle,
31bis rue des Longs Prés,
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt.
Métro : Marcel Sembat

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